Recent Exciting Updates To Share With You!

Over the last few months I have had many late nights with a fair share of tears! But, the hard work has paid off as I am proud to announce some very exciting updates with you all!

Brand New 'Course Access Controls'
As I am sure you know, distributed practice (AKA 'Spacing') is proven to be an important factor for effective learning.

To support this practice, CSUK:ReviseCS now offers a brand new 'Course Access' feature, where teachers can lock and unlock various areas of the site for their students, in order to help students space their learning and distribute their practice.

Brand New Task Setting with Task Deadlines Tool

To further support distributed practice, CSUK:ReviseCS also now offers a brand new 'Task Setting' feature, where teachers can set deadlines for various 'Revision Zones', 'Revision Steps' and 'Quizzes', to further help students space their learning and distribute their practice.

Update Student Username, Password & Email Address
CSUK:ReviseCS has updated its group management system providing more controls to group leaders!

Teachers can now update their students' usernames, email addresses and passwords, allow them to get their students back into the site, following the inevitable situations where students forget their credentials.

Interactive Learning Checks
We all know retrieval practice is of paramount importance when it comes to successful exam outcomes. This is why CSUK:ReviseCS is committed to developing new, engaging ways of questioning students. I'm pleased to announce that the site now offers a growing number of quick, interactive learning check questions, to help students check if they have understood key elements of the theory.

Group Leader - Student Notes Access
Teachers can now access the notes that their students write. This is a great monitoring tool if you wish to review the notes that students have been making, via the onscreen note taking facility. Furthermore, teachers can also write directly onto the notes, thereby providing feedback to students on an individual basis. Also, teachers can download the notes, exporting them as a document file.

What's Next at CSUK:ReviseCS?

I am always working hard to develop the site with new, innovative features and tools that will provide students with as much help and support as possible, as they work their way through the Computer Science GCSE.

One exciting new development, which I am working hard to introduce to the site, as soon as I can, is the 'written exam questions' feature, with 'student self-assessment' and 'teacher feedback'. Here is a taster...

Written Exam Questions

As students will ultimately have their knowledge and understanding assessed answering written exam questions, it is imperative that students practice this form of questioning. At CSUK:ReviseCS this style of questioning will soon be facilitated.

After submitting an answer, students will be able to self-assess their answers. Furthermore, teachers will have the option to review their students' answers and provide personalised written feedback.

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