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  • Performance By Topic

    Study the 'Radar Chart' to analyse your relative performance in each of the GCSE topic areas. Is there an area which needs more study?

  • Performance By Quiz

    Study the 'Bar Charts' to analyse your performances in the various quizzes. Study the 'Line Chart' to view your performance in the 'Dynamically Generated Course Quizzes' over time.

  • Quiz History

    Study the 'Quiz History Table' to view the quizzes that you have attempted to date, along with their results. Click the document icon to view your questions and answers!

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% of Correct Answers per Category

Whether you knew it or not, the RCS quiz questions are categorised by topic. Out of all of the questions you have answered so far, for each category, our smart algorithms have worked out the percentage of answers that were correct! This radar chart therefore gives you insight into which categories you perform well in, and which you perhaps could focus more of your study on.

Average Percentage per Quiz

In the graph above, the RCS smart algorithms have listed all of the quizzes that you have taken so far and calculated your average score for each assessment. If there are some average quiz scores that are relatively low, identify the quiz title then head over to the quiz zone and have a go at the assessment again!

Highest Percentage per Quiz

In this graph, the RCS smart algorithms have listed all of the quizzes that you have taken so far and presented your highest score for each assessment. The aim here is to have achieved 100% in each assessment! So if there are any scores lower than 100%, identify the quiz title and head over to the quiz zone to have a go at the assessment again!

Dynamically Generated 'Course Quiz' Scores Over Time

This line graph shows the scores achieved in the 'Random Question Quizzes' over time. As you work through the course, your knowledge and understanding should get stronger and this should be reflected in your 'Random Question Quiz' scores. Hopefully you will see a positive trend line over time!

My Quiz History

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