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Teacher - Gartree High School

“ReviseCS has proven to be an excellent resource for my students. I can regularly set homework for my class with a few clicks. I can monitor progress easily, and see which students have completed tasks and what marks they have achieved. The tutorials are informative and engaging. The assessment materials are also well developed. Support is also very quick when I have needed it. Thank you for such an amazing resource at a great price. Definitely value for money!"


Dewi Jones

Teacher - Abertillery Learning Community

“This purchase really is a 'no-brainer'. I have relied on the combination of CSUK and ReviseCS.com for over 5 years now. Learners enjoy the independent learning and I really like the reliability of quality videos, notes, flashcards and quiz and exam questions. Great support for a tricky subject. Thanks!"


Mark Reed

Teacher - Queen Elizabeth Grammar School - Wakefield

“This is a great resource for GCSE computer science students. Videos, quiz tasks, presentations, etc. Also, I got great customer service from the admin team when I needed some help. I will be using this with all my computer science groups from now on."


Fran Round

Teacher - QueenMary's Grammar

“Really pleased we signed up for ReviseCS. It's fantastic value for money. All our year 10 and 11s are on it regularly."


Mr Smedley

Bedford High School

My students are using it and love it. Sam who runs the site is very supportive and will adapt and listen to suggestions! Online note making facility, flash cards and self marking quizzes with instant feedback!


Oliver Ferrier


“Amazing, amazing, amazing! Literally saved me from worrying about the exams! Would definitely recommend for all abilities, even if you are aiming for a grade nine at GCSE. I hope there will be an A level version in the near future!”


Mrs Sawbridge

Caroline Chisholm School

Cannot praise Revise Computer Science enough. Invaluable resource for my students. Love the format and the interactive quizzes. Students really enjoy working through the topics and it’s suitable for all levels. Great resource at a great price.




Revise Computer Science was an absolute asset to my exam preparation due to all of it’s effective features such as video lessons, flashcards and quick quizzes to test your knowledge. Such a well composed and easy to follow website. Completely brilliant.


Luke Castle


“A massive thank you for your website! I subscribed before my exams and printed every sheet I could and revised from my massive folder of trees . Thank you!! Computer science has always been a favourite subject and I want to teach it when I’m older because since using your site my grades went from a 4 to an 8!”


Mr Jones

Bristol Grammar School

“Sam has created some fantastic resources that save our department a lot of time. Our students are finding the revision site very useful in the run up to their exams. The quick quizzes are great and the flashcards are proving to be extremely valuable.”


Eden Goddard

Casterton College Rutland

“The resources are easy to follow and really help students get to grips with a topic. Sam who runs the site is really helpful and responds quickly.”


Louis Hunter


“Amazing, Excellent, Fabulous! Literally would recommend using this site with all its resources saved me from worrying about my gcse mocks! Would definitely recommend for all abilities, even if you are achieving low levels this is sure to make you achieve high on your GCSE. I would also like to thank the brilliant creator of this site who answers any questions about the site and will look into any issues. Amazing job with the site!”


Christy Tang


“I discovered my own revising way by doing exercises from revisecs.com. The website not only provides exercises for students to check their own understanding, but also providing teaching videos and flash cards for them. I am so thankful that revisecs.com made me interested in Computer Science.”


Alex Lindus


“It is nice that the quizzes give feedback, great stuff!"

Everything you need for GCSE success!

Welcome to CSUK:ReviseCS

Welcome to ‘CSUK:ReviseCS’, your complete GCSE Computer Science learning package for your Computer Science GCSE. An invaluable resource for any student studying the OCR, AQA, EdExcel or Eduqas Computer Science GCSE courses.

This GCSE Computer Science course companion / revision site belongs to the ComputerScienceUK.com family, which has been providing teaching resources for teachers of Computer Science, around the world, for several years…so you can be certain of the quality!


Learning and Revision Materials for Every Aspect of the Computer Science GCSE

CSUK:ReviseCS provides the learning and revision materials that you need for success!

Whether you are just starting your course, preparing for mock exams, or beginning your final preparations for the exam season, this site has got you covered!

The ReviseCS courses are mapped to each of the major UK GCSE exam boards, and organised in a stylish and well structured e-learning interface.

Within each course, topics and subtopics are delivered via 'Revision Zones' and within each zone there are 'Revision Steps'.

Revision Step 1: Gain The Knowledge

This step provides video lessons, interactive presentations and notes pages, providing you with the knowledge you need.

Revision Step 2: Check Your Understanding

This step provides interactive learning check questions, flashcards (both printable and embedded) and self marking multiple choice question quizzes, with detailed feedback whether you answer right or wrong.

Revision Step 3: Written Exam Questions

This step offers written exam question practice, where you can write directly to the page. And when you save your answer, the interactive mark scheme will reveal, with answer elements that you can tick or cross, turning the statements green or red and providing you with your achieved marks.


In Depth Performance Analytics

Learning content and checking your understanding is vital. But to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning process, you must be able to identify your areas of strength and areas for improvement.

ReviseCS makes this process a breeze with its range of in depth performance analysis tools.

  • Review your quiz attempts, seeing your past answers and the associated feedback.
  • Study graphs and charts to see relative areas of strength and weakness.
  • Monitor your progress through the written exam questions, providing percentages achieved for each question and averages for the topic, RAG (Red/Amber/Green) rated to highlight relative performance.
Sometimes a bit of motivation can really help!

Points, Coins, Badges, Achievements, Avatars & the Virtual Shop

To add a bit of fun and to aid motivation during the learning process, ReviseCS rewards your engagement by allowing you to collect points and earn coins along the way.

Points unlock achievement badges and you can compare your achievements with others in the leaderboards.

Your coins can be spent in the Virtual 'PC Gaming' and 'Retro Gaming Setup' shops.

There is also the avatar builder tool, allowing you to personalise your dashboard and providing you with your own RCS identity.

I'm a teacher, can I create accounts, set tasks and monitor progress?

CSUK:ReviseCS was built with teachers in mind!

With a "ReviseCS Teacher Membership", the "Teacher Tools" pages will unlock, providing teachers with the ability to:

  • Create unlimited groups and enrol unlimited students.
  • Track their student's progress through the course.
  • Analyse their performance via a range of group and student analytic tools.
  • Monitor their activities and engagement
  • Lock and unlock access to certain revision zones, revision steps and quizzes.
  • Set lesson and homework tasks with deadlines and monitoring tools.
  • Review student answers in their quiz attempts and written exam questions.
  • Alter their student's self marked written exam answers and provide individualised written feedback.


Videos covering the entire exam specification


Interactive presentations covering every detail of the GCSE


Hundreds of flashcards, embedded and printable


Hundreds of questions via an ever growing set of quizzes


In depth analysis of quiz performance and course progress

Tasks & Deadlines

Set students specific tasks with deadlines and tracking

Learning Checks

A growing set of interactive questions to check your understanding

Online Note Taking

Write and save notes directly to the revision pages

Exam Questions

Written exam style questions with self directed marking

Access Restrictions

Restrict access to certain activities to enable distributed practice

Real-Time Monitor

Monitor student activity on the site with real-time activity feed

Extensive Analytics

Analyse performance at both the 'student' and 'whole class' levels.

Student Info

Teacher Info

STUDENTS: What's on offer and how does it work?

If you are an individual student, to begin using the site, you simply need to purchase a course.


PREMIUM courses open up the whole site, providing more help and support for your learning journey through the LEARNING, QUIZ and ANALYTICS ZONES!


Click the link below to purchase a course!

Student Sign Up

Click here to purchase your PREMIUM course.

STUDENTS - Click here to find out more!

TEACHERS: Why you should invest in a 'CSUK:ReviseCS Teacher Membership"!

Click the button and read all about the pedagogy underpinning CSUK:ReviseCS

 -Pricing and Features -



  • Video Lessons
  • Blank Cornell Notes
  • Points & Badges
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Printable Revision Notes
  • Embedded Flashcards
  • Printable Flashcards
  • Revision Zone Quizzes
  • Dynamic Topic Quizzes
  • Course Progress Tracking
  • Quiz Analysis
  • Class Activity Monitoring
  • Class Progress Tracking
  • Class Quiz Analysis
  • Create Classes
  • Create Student Accounts
  • Set Class Tasks / Deadlines
  • Course Access Controls
  • Update Student Passwords



  • Video Lessons YES
  • Blank Cornell Notes YES
  • Points & Badges YES
  • Interactive Presentations YES
  • Printable Revision Notes YES
  • Embedded Flashcards YES
  • Printable Flashcards YES
  • Revision Zone Quizzes YES
  • Dynamic Topic Quizzes YES
  • Course Progress Tracking YES
  • Quiz Analysis YES


£114.99 /year

  • Video Lessons YES
  • Blank Cornell Notes YES
  • Points & Badges YES
  • Interactive Presentations YES
  • Printable Revision Notes YES
  • Embedded Flashcards YES
  • Printable Flashcards YES
  • Revision Zone Quizzes YES
  • Dynamic Topic Quizzes YES
  • Course Progress Tracking YES
  • Quiz Analysis YES
  • Class Activity Monitoring YES
  • Class Progress Tracking YES
  • Class Quiz Analysis YES
  • Create Classes YES (unlimited)
  • Create Student Accounts YES (unlimited)
  • Set Class Tasks / Deadlines YES
  • Course Access Controls YES
  • Update Student Passwords YES

Any questions? Get in touch!

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